For a weekend: Best activities in Puerto Vallarta

For residents and international travelers, visiting the State of Jalisco and Nayarit is a pleasure that adds to Mexico’s tourism potential. Therefore, we highly recommend visiting the state and making the most of those two or three days, for which we recommend what activities in Puerto Vallarta you should try to make your experience more valuable and profitable.

activities in puerto vallarta

Activities in Puerto Vallarta to do during a weekend

Catamaran and Puerto Vallarta snorkeling

The sun of Nayarit is ideal for enjoying the sea. That is why we recommend starting your activities in Puerto Vallarta with an excursion to the Marieta Islands aboard a catamaran that will allow you to enjoy an area uninhabited by man, but full of a beautiful ecosystem in perfect balance. There you will be able to do activities such as kayaking, snorkeling and paddle surfing.

marieta islands hidden beach

Attention: Although you join a paid tour, some activities in Puerto Vallarta and visits will require additional payments (national taxes) that are used in the conservation of the visited patrimonial zones.

Alternative tourism

One of the most random things to do on a weekend in Puerto Vallarta, offered by tour companies, are tours that combine jungle, sea and cultural society in one, ideal for travelers on a budget. One of the most frequent is the stay in the Nogalito sector, where you will vibrate on its hanging bridge, admire its flora, reach areas of popular goldsmith and design workshops and taste a variety of tacos.

Activities in Puerto Vallarta for a romantic weekend

Those who are going to propose or get married, celebrate their anniversaries or reconciliations, usually hike along the tropical trail that leads to the Yelapa Waterfall, a natural wonder where many loves have been sealed, and then contemplate sunsets and enjoy the moon reflected on the sea at Majahuitas Beach, two jewels of Banderas Bay that no visitor should miss. On the way back, you can take a refreshing morning swim at Los Muertos Beach.

majahuitas beach

Attention: Have your mobile devices charged to pay for electronic tickets and receive special bonuses for visits.

Take a cruise

It is not expensive and it is spectacular to take this cruise that will take you through the best spots of Puerto Vallarta that light up for you. On deck, you will enjoy the best typical Mexican dishes and different traditional dances, while you get to know the ancestral sector of Las Caletas, where you will find pyramids full of mystery that seem to say goodbye to the sun.

In the evening, a rich gourmet dinner enlivened by stories narrated through acrobatics, dances and songs with a world-renowned event that will make your weekend in Puerto Vallarta a luxurious experience: Gilles Ste-Croix’s Rhythms of the Night show.

Rhythms of the Night romantic tour puerto vallarta
Romantic evening in Puerto Vallarta. Source: Vallarta Adventures

A weekend in the city of Puerto Vallarta

To get to know Las Peñas de Santa María Guadalupe or Puerto Las Peñas, today Puerto Vallarta, it is well worth paying for one of the many tours offered by hotels, tourist corporations and educational institutes of the city, as well as private individuals.

Because it is not only to visit the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, but to know its history, especially that of its imposing dome. Enjoy the narrations of real events that were sighted from the Malecón Boardwalk or how the Arcos del Malecón arrived there. What the El Caballito Sculpture means to the people of Vallarta and who sculpted it.

puerto vallarta sunset

Another thing to do on a weekend in Puerto Vallarta that the locals may well tell you to enjoy and to soothe your spirit with, is to watch the unspeakable golden sunsets at the foot of the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains.

And if you enjoy such a visit, stay at one of the hotels in the area and early in the morning take an ATV ride through towns, rivers, muddy and arid lands well delimited for tourism, having as your destination the viewpoints where you will admire all the beauty of Puerto Vallarta from above.

Enjoy the jungle on a weekend in Puerto Vallarta

Conditioned for tourism and thus benefiting Jalisco without transgressing soils, local flora and fauna is this activity that takes you to walk through the treetops of the Vallarta jungle, enjoy kayaking or zip-lining, in addition to a space for direct interaction with the animals that will gladly make you feel welcome and take pictures with you.

And since no one visits Mexico without drinking tequila, you will be able to taste the different variations obtained from the maguey stalk.

The two most requested family activities

Two activities in Puerto Vallarta that you should do during a weekend with the family or on corporate, cultural or graduation trips are the Marigalante Pirate Ship Ride on the Banderas Bay, which includes cultural, historical and recreational activities, as well as food and drinks on an imposing royal galleon.

swim with dolphins puerto vallarta

And one of the most sought activities in Puerto Vallarta is to swim with dolphins Puerto Vallarta at the Dolphin Discovery ecological and entertainment park, a place full of activities that will take you a full day and you will want to repeat!

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